May 3, 2017


I created this page just for you to get a taste of how the video works on my showcase. You can actually click the image of my video on my CRB showcase and it will play automatically, just as it is does when you click the image on this makeshift, hurriedly slapped together webpage I created using old school coding language, not any of the fancy drag-and-drop website creation software out there, today, where even a three (3) year old can do it.

It took me forever to come up with the name for this offer without naming the company itself. I eventually came up with the name, eBiz In A Bundle. And, it took me even longer to come up with my slogan, "It's What's In the eBundle That Counts." I got that idea from my favorite record company, Motown, for back in the 60s it had two slogans:

1. The Sound of Young America
2. It's What's In the Grooves That Counts

The video is full of personal inside information. For example, I use my best earthly friend's name, Juanita, as my success story. I say "young Juanita," but in real life she will be 64 on her next birthday in September.