Smiling Feels Good

And What Does This Have To Do With
Painting Pastel Portraits?

Simply This: Once upon a time, as every good fairy tale starts, I was in a worse financial mess than I should have been due to my very good education and upbringing, and opportunities handed me on a silver platter by my parents. I started helping myself get out of the fine mess I got myself into by using one of the three methods offered here with one of my hobbies and interests.

With this my Pastel Portrait Secrets website, you are now viewing my initial attempt at getting out of my financial mess after I discovered the program I am introducing you to on this page.

As you continue to read, I will be saying things like, "class," "course," "enroll," and so forth. But, actually, you will not be enrolling in any class or course, I am just talking as if you are in a classroom because with the methods outlined here, you will be going to school, of sorts, as you learn how to convert your everyday knowledge into an income.

Towards that end, since everybody knows something about something, I know that like me, you can start getting out of your mess (that is, if you are in a mess) with your very own unique knowledge. If you are doing fine financially, then congratulations on your success. Even so, I am sure you know of at least one person who is truly in a financial mess, or is headed there. If so, then please direct them to this webpage so that they can benefit. Thank you.

Like I said, everybody knows something about something, and since that is true, then turn your unique knowledge into an income.

For despite what you may have been told falsely about yourself...

  • It does not matter if your job does not pay you well
  • It does not matter if you do not even have a job
  • It does not matter if you did not finish high school
  • It does not matter if you are retired
  • It does not matter if you are disabled
  • It does not matter if you are a busy stay-at-home-mom
    with no time to spare
  • It does not matter if your small business could do better
  • It does not matter if nobody visits your website
  • It does not matter if you cannot pay your bills
  • It does not matter if you wrongly feel you are a failure

...for if you can raed and udnrestnad tihs odd snetnece wtih esae, tehn you can be a sucecss at lsat and wtih no trobule. Let us sohw you how!

If you read the above sentence very fast, then you are wondering what's odd about it? Now, go back and read it very, very, s-l-o-w-l-y.


You can begin being a success by properly presenting whatever it is you know online, whether it be a hobby, a life situation, or any other form of knowledge you have or can acquire. We even show those who think they know nothing that they do indeed know things other people wish they knew.

Each person has their own individual learning style which falls into one of three general categories.

  1. The Teach-It-To-Me crowd:
    In this case, it represents those who best learn
    in a classroom type setting. Ours was an online
    12 week course with classes meeting once a week
    for 90 minutes each. The regular price for this
    course was three monthly payments of $149. But
    this online class has been merged with option 2,
    and for less than a dollar a day. Keep reading.
  2. The I-Will-Do-It-Myself crowd:
    This is for those who learn best by reading and by
    watching detailed "how-to" videos. And it is only
    a mere $299, or if you prefer the monthly option,
    the fee is $29.99.
  3. And the Do-It-For-Me crowd:
    By choosing this option, you can have our experts
    do the initial work for you rather quickly. However,
    the price varies according to how much work and
    how many pages you want to start in putting your
    knowledge online. You can start off with either 10,
    20 or 35 pages. The respective prices are $1,599,
    $2,549, and $3,999, with each having a recurring
    $29.99 monthly fee.

Never fear, for whatever option you choose, there is a money-back guarantee. However, the program is so good that to date, I do not know of any unhappy customers.

By the way, that third category - Do-It-For-Me - is basically for those who either know they have no time to put in the needed effort, or for those who do not have easy access to a computer, as well as for those who would just rather have experts do things for them - like people who hire maids because they know maids can clean their houses extremely well and much, much, faster.

Determine what is your best learning style and begin traveling on your own pathway to success. And do not worry, for even though the last option is very easy and will make you SMILE because you do none of the initial work - on the other hand, the so-called work required with the first two choices will also make you SMILE in that you will enjoy creating your online eBusiness which can only take you about an hour a day.

But don't just take my word for it that Smiling Feels Good gets results. Just watch a handful of very short homemade videos from some satisfied customers, the majority of whom "did it themselves" just like I did it myself.

I Love SBI!

Shortly, I want you to review how a few people freed themselves to do what they want to do in life after they became successful online using one of the three course options described, above. I want to show you that "dreams and fairytales do come true, it can happen to you" as I will emphasize, musically, further down the page.

But, before you listen to some inspiring well-known tunes, I want you to realize that thousands of people, who have used one of the three course options, are easily raking in six-figure incomes, monthly. However, while these folks are real exciting, understand that there are tons more who are adding nicely to their family incomes, who are supplementing their day job incomes (and who have eventually quit their day jobs), who are doubling what their pension delivers, who are leveraging their home based businesses, both locally and worldwide, and who are otherwise making their fairytales come true:

For three random examples and more, please see, Fiona's Story, B's Story, Shaun's Story, and More Stories.

As you can see that at the end of the day, what you will be doing is not about building a website, it is not even about building a profitable business, as good as all of that is. What it is about, though, is the freedom you get - the glorious feeling when you know that you are finally in control your own destiny.

As the tour video forewarned, this course is definitely not Get-Rich-Quick, but as in the Aesop's Fable and fairy tale called "The Tortoise and the Hare" this is more like Get-Rich-Slow. In my case, it was and is very slow!

This is why our mascot is a turtle, which you will see plenty of after you begin. The turtle's selection as our mascot was by no means an accident. It was deliberately chosen to emphasize that this is not Get-Rich-Quick at all, but can seem to be agonizingly slow to you.

Turtle Mascot

Behold the turtle.
He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

James B. Conant (1893-1978)

So, if you are totally unemployed with no source of income in sight, then this may be a challenge. However, you must take action - you must do as the turtle and stick you neck out - to get out of the financial mess you may find yourself in, or do nothing and remain mired in it. Just don't fret if you do not get out of your mess, yesterday. Like the old saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait," and just like the turtle, "Slow and steady wins the race."

But your life will be a fairy tale. I mentioned to you that I was a tutor. Here is a short story about an educator that will give you something to think about regarding your mess which you are helping yourself get out of by coming to this webpage:

Once a professor began his class by holding up a glass with some water in it. He held it up for all to see and asked the students, “How much do you think this glass weighs? ‘50 grams!’?... ‘100 grams’?... ‘125 grams’...?

A student answered, “I really don’t know unless I weigh it.”

The professor said, ‘Now, my question is: What would happen if I held it up like this for a few minutes?’

‘Nothing’ the students said.

“OK what would happen if I held it up like this for an hour?” the professor asked.

“Your arm would begin to ache” said one of the students.

“You’re right, now what would happen if I held it for a day?”

“Your arm could go numb; you might have severe muscle stress & paralysis; have to go to hospital for sure!" Ventured another student”, all the students laughed.

“Very good. But during all this, did the weight of the glass change?” Asked the professor.

“No” was the reply of all the students.

“Then what caused my arm to ache and the muscle to stress?”

After a pause the professor asked “Before my arm begins to ache, what should I do?”

The students were puzzled.

“Put the glass down!” said one of the students.

“Exactly!” said the professor, “Life’s problems are exactly like this. Hold it for a few minutes in your head; they seem OK. Think of them for a long time; they begin to ache. Hold it even longer; they begin to paralyze you. You will not be able to do anything.”

Yes, it is important to think of the challenges and your messes in life, but it is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT to ‘put them down’ as soon as you realize your plight. That way, you are not stressed as you finally wake up and begin doing something about them. You can feel strong, knowing that you can handle any issue, any challenge, and any other MESS that will indeed come your way!

Remember, start putting your glass down TODAY!

You can begin putting down your glass of life's mess right now by enrolling in one of our class selections. For whether you are young or old, a teenager or a senior citizen, by now you should be convinced that fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you're young at heart.

A 1953 and 1954 Frank Sinatra Million Seller Record

And what can happen to you? Just like every good fairy tale, you can have your own happy ending and go off into the sunset and live happily ever after. So, go ahead, aim for that sunset by enrolling. For the sooner you start, the sooner you will get there. And, don't be selfish. Lead your family and friends as they follow you along your path, along your yellow brick road (from another fairy tale) you are now traveling so they can be smiling too. Just point them to this very webpage you are now reading, and let them know that it represents the only all-in-one business-building product in the world.

So you see it's all up to you. You can be better than you are. You could be swinging on a star.

Scene from the 1944 movie Going My Way
Adapted from a 1931 Bing Crosby Smash Hit Record

And since you are having fun swinging on a star, why not finish off your fairy tale by wishing upon a star? For when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.

Lyrics and sound track of the Academy Award winning
Best Original Song from the
1940 Disney animated motion picture Pinocchio

But before you show your loved ones that they could be swinging on a star, and even wishing upon a star, start swinging and wishing on your own star by filling out the following form. Do this NOW before your mess makes you sick. Look around you and ask, "Can it get any worse?" Yes, if you do not take action. When you do, you will receive the necessary information explaining all three options in greater detail than I am doing here, allowing you the chance to begin SMILING in ONLY a few seconds from now. The clock is ticking.

Never fear about listing your phone number and other contact information in the form above, for I will NOT be calling you. I am an affiliate of the program, and your contact information is a way for the company to verify that you enrolled through me. So, breathe easy. You will, though, get e-mail messages from me - for example, I will send you a "Thank You" note.

If you still feel queasy and unsure about going the way of the turtle by sticking your neck out, then you can see some of the actual lessons and videos yourself enabling you to see what all the fuss is about before paying. You will then realize the value and merit of it all and be confident in your decision.

However, in order for you to experience a small sampling and to test an aspect of it for free, you must first fill out the form and submit it, whereupon I will immediately lead you to that amazing resource.

Earlier, I mentioned a money-back guarantee. I know this sounds too good to be true, so, I am repeating the guarantee so you can see for yourself that by putting your own knowledge online through us you can begin SMILING. I know this is a big ticket item for you and that you may start worrying if you did the right thing. In other words, you fear the dreaded “Buyer’s Remorse.”

So, let me put you at ease with our money-back guarantee. You will see right away that you will be getting much more than what you paid for. You will discover on your own that we do indeed OVERdeliver. And when you discover that, then thank those very same stars you are swinging on and wishing upon, for they will be serving a single, dual, and now triple purpose as being your lucky stars. However, we know there is no such thing as luck. What is really happening to you right now as a consequence of your having filled out that enrollment form is that you are being blessed.

Now, aren't you glad you filled it out?

I know you are excited and want to get started right away, so, I will end by giving you just one more story - a short one:

A young girl enters a beauty parlar and the beautician whispers to her customer, "This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch this."

The beautician calls the girl over, puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other and asks, "Which do you want child?" The girl takes the quarters and leaves the dollar.

"What did I tell you?" said the beautition. "That kid never learns!"

When the customer leaves, she sees the same girl coming out of a children's book store, "Hey there. Why did you take the quarters instead of the dollar bill?"

The girl continued reading her new fairy tale book for a moment then replied, "Because the day I take the dollar, my fairy tale days are over!"

How long has it been since you led a fairy tale life?

Well, that's too long! Redeem your fairy tale days, right now!

As a "Thank You" in advance for already filling out the form and for just visiting this webpage with glee, I am giving away an eBook that teaches you how to Make Your Knowledge Sell. Please accept my free gift. Again, thank you for visiting.

Make Your Knowledge Sell

Oh, why not? You deserve it! I just now decided to also give you a second eBook for visiting this webpage.

The book is called Make Your Content PREsell, and it is geared towards writing for the web. This book clearly shows you, step by step, how to...

  • write to COMMUNICATE
  • develop your own "voice" with flair and substance
  • spin your site/biz/SELF into a unique position
  • HONESTLY convince people to trust and like you

No other work of this kind, anywhere, shows you how to do this. And you can have it for free right now.

Do enjoy both volumes and do expect to SMILE when you begin to become successful.

Make Your Content PREsell

Smiling Feels Good
Turns YOUR knowledge into YOUR income.
Strive to achieve.

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