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As you were forewarned elsewhere, this is definitely not Get-Rich-Quick, but as in the Aesop's Fable and fairy tale called The Tortoise and the Hare this is more like Get-Where-You-Want-To-Be-Slow-And-Steady, for slow and steady wins the race.

This is why our mascot is a turtle, which you will see plenty of after you begin. The turtle's selection as our mascot was by no means an accident. It was deliberately chosen to emphasize that this is not Get-Rich-Quick at all, but can seem to be agonizingly slow to you.

Turtle Mascot
Behold the turtle.
He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

James B. Conant (1893-1978)

I know you are anxious to get your FREE report, which is really more than that. It is actually a full-blown eBook that teaches you how to Make Your Knowledge Sell. But first, let's read one more testimonial. You already read a short one before you filled out the form at smiling feels good dot com. On that page, the testimonial by Michelle S just hinted at what you can expect. This final one shows what actually happened to just one of the tens of thousands worldwide who decided to build an eBusiness using our step-by-step system that practically anybody can follow.

Setting Goals and Meeting Them - Met My Biggest Goal Ever!

by Delilah H
February 13, 2011

Since I started my first SBI site in 2006, it has always been my practice to set somewhat of realistic goals and then try to accomplish them. Now, fast forward almost 5 years later and I am meeting my biggest goal ever!

When I started out with SBI it was a real leap of faith for me. My husband and I were financially drowning. I was pregnant with my first child and unemployed. My husband was working full time but with rent, students loans, and a ton of other things sucking the cash from our pockets, we were not even making ends meet...

I was insanely desperate to stay home with my daughter. I wanted to be a work at home mom but I figured if I could at least make enough to cover working a part time job, so long as we could make ends meet, I would be happy. So I borrowed... $300 dollars from a family member with the goal of making $600 in the first year... But I had a larger goal of just making $20 a day. Enough to buy some groceries and maybe contribute to paying the bills. I worked my butt off in the first few months enough to get my first 30-40 pages [of my new eBusiness website even though I knew nothing about building websites], started link building and getting the "snowball rolling" and then took several months off after the birth of my daughter. I made $5000 my first year with SBI.

Each year since the first I've been constantly reaching my goals and having to re-adjust to a larger goal to have something to work towards. I quickly reached my goal of $20 per day so I raised it to $50, then $100. After reaching $100 per day I went on to larger and larger monthly goals. So I started with a $5000 dollar monthly goal, which I reached sometime within the last 2 years or so. And then I came across a [message somewhere here] where someone said they were making about 12K a month! I was floored. Ten thousand a month became my next big goal. I can proudly say that at the end of January I met this goal and surpassed it! Where to go from here? Twenty thousand in a month?? Who knows? I never even fathomed that I would make anywhere near what I am earning now when I first started with SBI, so I certainly couldn't dismiss the idea!

How things have changed since I first found SBI. I went from struggling with bills and bouncing from dead end job to dead end job, just trying to figure out what would make me happy, to working from home and spending every moment with my 2 children. I now own FIVE websites, although only 2 are [advanced to the stage of earning money]. I guess my new goal should be to finish the other 3 websites? Lol!

Last February my husband had a major back surgery which had him out of commission for three full months. He took a leave of absence from his job at a sheet metal shop only to get laid off a day later just before the big surgery. We lost our medical insurance and everything! He has not been back to work since, and has no plans of going back. He is now "finding himself" and being a stay at home Daddy...

If it weren't for my SBI sites my husband and I would be ruined. I feel extremely lucky each and every day and am SO GRATEFUL that I took that first leap of faith!

Well, off to enjoy my two little munchkins!

Delilah H

Yes, you can be successful, too, even if you have heartaches, like Delilah had. But, notice, that it was slow for her, and by no means, Get-Rich-Quick. And, just like the turtle, she knew that slow and steady wins the race. Now, it is your turn! So, what are you waiting for? Download and read the FREE report I promised you.


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