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Then there is Jesus' Parable of the Wheat & the Tares where the True Church (Wheat) has the look-a-like False Church (Tares) planted in it by
Satan. -- Matthew 13:24-30 By carefully watching and praying, God's True church members, the reapers, can assist in gathering the wheat and
burning the tares... "Burning" as in destroying. All of the Godless systems, false churches and such, will be destroyed, not the people in them roasted
in a fiery-furness place called Hell, for Hell is not a place. "But what about The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus," you ask? "And, what about
all of those fire and brimstone verses in the Book of Revelation

➜ ➜ What Does the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares Mean?
➜ ➜ Bro. Landis Placed The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus in his Topic Index Found At The Beginning of In This Particular Lesson

"Now I am really confused," you fear. "You talk about the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares, but what about the Parable of the Sheep and the
?" The answer is simple, whereas the Wheat Tares Parable applies to the days in which we are now living through the Last Days, the Sheep
Goats Parable
, on the other hand, applies to Judgment Day when the New Covenant shall be in force. Bro. Landis has placed that Sheep Goats
Bible lesson in his Topic Index under the Judgment Day category. When people, including preachers, mix and match Bible verses,
parables, and so on, to come up with beliefs which forge different divisions, it is because they do not realize one of three principles of studying the
Bible and having it make sense. That principle is that specific Bible verses apply to the past, the present or the future. Only serious Bible study can
help students of the Bible discern which is which.

Here is Bro. Landis' favorite example. The Bible says that Jesus is coming. Well, suppose He suddenly appears and stands right next to you. The
Bible will still say Jesus is coming. This is what is meant by "rightly dividing the word of truth. -- 2 Timothy 2:15

SPOILER ALERT: Most of the Book of Revelation has already occurred... including the Second Coming of Jesus. Have we lost you, yet? The key
to "rightly dividing" in this case, is to know what the Bible means by the the word "coming." Once you know that, then you may begin to see that
just maybe the Second Coming has already happened as we "watch and pray." As the Lord said, "Come, let us reason together." -- Isaiah 1:18

With your eyes opened, prove the spirits -- the Bible teachings -- for yourself (1 John 4:1), and realize that you must be thoroughly convinced in
your own mind and nobody else's. -- Romans 14:5

And, to see how Bible study even leads to more questions, Bro. Landis now suspects you are wondering what was meant by the New Covenant and
how it relates to Judgment Day? What happens to the Old Covenant and what is it, anyway? Did you know there are three Great Covenants? Now,
you have more questions. Isn't Bible study fun? Oh, Bro. Landis will not leave you hanging, for he has placed a Bible lesson on the New Covenant
for you. Just see "God's Three Great Promises - Which One is For You?" which he put directly under the the Sheep Goats Parable in his table of


You will quickly notice that 99% of the Bible Lessons in Bro. Landis' topic index page are from Christian Questions. Before the invention of
television, Bible Students had another radio program called, Frank and Ernest, with different people being Frank or Ernest through the decades as
they would die off. When television was invented, the TV version was called, The Bible Answers. The Bible Answers what? Christian Questions.
Bro. Landis includes a sample half-hour color television episode which was broadcast after about twenty years of having shows produced in black
and white. This color episode -- first shown when Bro. Landis was college age -- is given, below, and is called, Coming Back From Hell Soon.

Not really, but you could somewhat, kinda, sorta -- if you stretch your imagination -- reason that the hosts of Christian Questions, Jonathan & Rick
-- and sometimes Julie or Kathy or Julie's sister, Laurie and guests such as Becca -- are the modern day Frank and Ernest. As you noticed in what
you heard, above, was that this was the third time Christian Questions tackled the Rich Man - Lazarus Parable. The episode showcased was Part III.
Parts I, II & III are all in Bro. Landis' topic index page. Bro. Landis placed all three Rich Man - Lazarus Parable episodes back-to-back in
his topic index page.

To compare broadcasts on the same topic, here is how Frank and Ernest explained it many decades ago. One main difference between Christian
and Frank and Ernest is that instead of being an hour and a half long as the modern incarnation is, the old time radio shows were only
fifteen minutes long. ➜ ➜ The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus - Frank and Ernest

===END OF INSERT==================================================================

In your question Bro. Landis notices that you forgot to mention the non-existent "Next time by fire" verse. Needless to say, nothing about either of them
indicates that Hell is a place when properly understood. For now, though, ponder these two Scriptures, the first of which deals with End Times Last Days...
"The earth melted." -- Psalms 46:6 and "The earth abedith for ever." -- Ecclesiastes 1:4 Now, which is it? Will the earth melt or will it abide? If we die
and go to Heaven before it dies, (may Heaven rest in peace), then there will be nowhere to go. The only place left is the source of all that melting. We
should all make sure you pack plenty of ice water for our dwelling in the everlasting Hell as it seems to be revealed in the next three of many such verses.

Luke 21:33: (King James Version)
Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

2 Peter 3:10: (King James Version)
But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away
with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that
are therein shall be burned up will be discovered

Revelation 21:1: (King James Version)
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;
and there was no more sea

Isaiah 45:18: (King James Version)
For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he
hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord; and there
is none else

And, to mystify you further, how about this verse where the Bible admonishes us not to have sex outside of marriage, "It is better to marry than to
." -- 1 Corinthians 7:9 We are in the Last Days where we hear the lame excuse, "Everybody is doing it." With that flawed logic, then everybody
will also roast in Hell. In case you are wondering, for decades, Bro. Landis had this fantasy that his first kiss would be when the preacher said,
"You may now kiss the bride." Bro. Landis is still single. He is not self-righteous for there is none righteous. -- Romans 3:9-10,23; Isaiah 64:6;
Psalm 51:5

Amazing how people commit crimes and get thrown in jail or even executed, yet that does not deter others from committing the same crimes. So, it
should not be a surprise that people knowing that their secret sins will be revealed would likewise not be a deterrent according to the Scriptures.
-- Numbers 32:23 But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The burning and roasting and the rest are not literal in the Bible but are symbolic.

Never fear about burning for your sins, just realize that the Gospel is Good News and that God is a merciful God. He even said that the thought of
burning people never came to His mind. It was of Satan as he deceived people into rituals of sacrificing to pagan gods. -- Jeremiah 7:30-31 It would
not be merciful to have all your loved ones roasting while you are cuddled up on clouds eating grapes and having a grand time listening to baby
Cupid type angels playing lullabies on harps.

In these Last Days, we see those who are Christians in name only as they go with the flow and follow the crowd by being politically correct and by
ignoring what secular common sense teaches in favor all kinds of freedoms, sinful or not, while looking down their noses at "Christian bigots," falsely
so-called, and like-minded zealots who stand fast in doing the will of the Lord. For those who bend, the battle is too hard as they ask themselves,
"What's the use? We have no real faith, and just suppose the Bible is nothing but a collection of fairy tale fables, anyway? And, if it is, then let us just
eat, drink and be merry, enjoy and engage in every sin we can, for tomorrow we die into nothingness since there is no afterlife
. -- II Peter 1:16; Luke 12;
1 Corinthians 15:16-19,32

Bro. Landis already has one insert on this page and to avoid having another, he decided to put it on its own page. Bro. Landis has been working on this
Signs of the Last Days narrative for a while, and after he had been composing it for several weeks, he happened upon a video where someone claimed
when they will serve the Lord with more zeal. Upon hearing that, Bro. Landis became irritated and decided to touch on that subject in this report. Upon
contemplating as to how to weave it into this report, he deemed it wise not to address it as having anything to do with the Last Days. However, he decided
to include it as a warning to others of the dangers of having that attitude in the Last Days for the time is short. Bro. Landis gives his very brief opinion
editorial type piece using biblical examples, and he calls it, How Not To Serve The Lord.

On his (Greed) registration page, Bro. Landis wrote that "some denominations say, 'Come as you are,'" but is that belief scripturally correct?
For a biblical answer, let's take a listen:

➜ ➜ Does God Accept Us As We Are?
➜ ➜ Does God Judge Everyone the Same Way?

Also, on Bro. Landis' (Greed) registration page, he touched on many a hot topic in the BONUS video and elsewhere, but left you hanging out of
necessity because that page is not about Bible Lessons. Bro. Landis wants to stay focused, but he also wants to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom
whenever and wherever possible.

For example, since the 1980s, whenever Bro. Landis comes across any new situations, such as when he has doctor's visits, he passes out Bible tracts. When
the Internet was busy being born and when building websites became available to the masses, Bro. Landis created a webpage on painting pastel portraits.
However, by the time he gathered the tools needed for FREE instructions -- in the days before cellphones with cameras, in the days before other online
technology -- YouTube was born. As a result, the video lessons he had planned on putting on his website started being produced by others and placed on
this new platform called, YouTube. Therefore, he abandoned the idea, but still kept his site alive because, among other reasons, he had created a separate
webpage on Bible teachings so as not to offend sensitive audiences. If you become puzzled when viewing it, recall that Bro. Landis abandoned the entire
website. That is why you cannot listen to Bible broadcasts. Specifically, the widgets he used to point you to those broadcasts are no longer operational.
It has been so long since Bro. Landis has updated his website, his would-be bride he is showcasing called the whole thing off. Theirs was to be an arranged
marriage, for to this day they have never met in person. The couple you see seated next to her near the beginning of the video played matchmaker. They are
also the missionaries from America who founded the Bible Students Committee for Africa.

Close your mouth. Do not raise your eyebrows. If Bro. Landis' would-be bride looks young it is because she is young. How young, you wonder? Let me put it
this way... Bro. Landis is older than her late parents. Both of them died shortly after she and Bro. Landis became engaged -- first, her mother followed by her
father a year later. Both gave the couple their blessings. Her mother was even looking forward to dancing at their wedding. By the way, Bro. Landis' best
earthly friend, Juanita, is from Liberia and the age difference between her late parents is the same as theirs. Evidently, huge age swings for couples in
West Africa are not frowned upon as they are in the United States... unless one is a movie star or a cougar or something.

Here is a grand case of Too Much Information which has nothing to do with End Times Last Days, but Bro. Landis wants to acknowledge that Juanita is such
a great friend that on one of her trips back home to Liberia, West-Africa, she made a detour to nearby Ghana, just to visit Bro. Landis' then future bride -- (she
has since married someone else
) -- where she was Juanita's roommate for a week. Now, that is a friend. Here they are together during that time where she is
wearing a yellow pants-dress Bro. Landis bought her from the United States as she is snapping a picture of Juanita.

Juanita and Sr. Emelia

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