How To Draw and Paint Drawgirl
Step 12

We continue this tutorial of Drawgirl by explaining and illustrating its twelfth step.

Don't panic! Even though it looks like there is not much to see here, in actuality there is plenty to be learned. Whereas I generally begin my coloring phase by turning a small piece of my chosen pastel stick on its side and plastering flesh color all over face, eyes, teeth and all, this artist starts by outlining and defining the face boundaries. Notice the subtle introduction of the concept of lost & found even at this early stage. And, what color is being used? How about a burnt-sienna? Well, maybe; but it is best to look through your Rembrandt Soft Pastel Portrait or Flesh Set on your palette and select the closest thing that looks like a combination of light brown and pink. I go more into detail in my eBook you just read (or skipped just to get to these tutorials). The seeming lost & found technique will be shown to be the beginning stage of arty straight line strokes just like what was depicted at the start of the tonal phase. This will become clearer in the next step.

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