Free Portrait Instruction eBooks

This page contains some FREE art eBooks you can download. Make your selection(s), then click any of the pictures to download your eBook(s) of choice.

Each eBook is in a zipped file format. Save any of them to your desktop, and after you have downloaded the eBook(s) you desire, then you will need to unzip your selection(s).

This will unzip the eBook(s) to your desktop (if you have not changed the default location). If you still cannot locate your downloaded eBook(s), then try clicking on your My Documents folder and searching inside the Downloads folder found there.

Fun With A Pencil eBook

Cheat At Portraits eBook

Realism Painting eBook

And even though not an art book, here is a free eBook you can download and use the knowlege you learn from reading it on your website - that is, if you have a website. And what is Value Exchange? Just click this litttle Value Exchange icon and find out.

Valuable Link Exchange

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