How To Draw and Paint Drawgirl
Step 15

We continue this tutorial of Drawgirl by explaining and illustrating the fifteenth step of its construction.

As stated in Step 14, the artist now begins working on the features, specifically, one of the two eyes. Even though barely detectable, s/he uses a dark colored pastel stick and begins drawing the eye in the shape of a parallelogram. If you don't know what that is, then consult a geometry textbook. I can hear you now, saying, "In your eBook you say that this is 'art not science' yet you are telling us to perform a math function. Why are you doing this to us?" Relax; I was just "funnin'." All you have to do is just imitate what you see in the picture, that's all. Now, on the what the pastellist does next.

Your coloring process continues still in... Step 16.

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