Secrets of Painting Successful Pastel Portraits Revealed At Last!


So, you want to discover the mysterious secrets of painting successful pastel portraits of people who have eluded you for so long. Well, these pages tutor you with some hard-learned painting lessons which took years to discover, figure out and master.

"Oh no, I can't draw a straight line," you say.

Can't draw a straight line, can you? Ah, but can you use a ruler? Yes, you can draw. You are alive, aren't you? Then you can draw something -- you can draw a breath.

There are some basic requirements, other than the ability to use a ruler and the ability to breath, however. Can you write your name freehand? If your handwriting is at least of the "chicken scratch" variety then you have sufficient coordination to begin perfecting the painting skills needed to eventually execute exquisite pastel portraits of people with ease, including drawing a likeness to your viewer's satisfaction.

Are you wondering how hard is it really to draw a likeness? Are you asking yourself, "Will I ever master the secrets of painting successful pastel portraits which are freely given here?"

Never fear; with a little dedicated practice, along with some pastel portrait tutorials and step by step pastel portrait lessons provided on this site, you will soon be envisioning yourself to be in the ranks of the old master's ...

You can stop daydreaming, now.

Moving right along. This website was adapted from my eBook written in August 2002 entitled

Successful Pastel Portrait Painting Secrets Revealed At Last!

However, I have since decided to freely offer the material online. With that, this website was born.

Use the tutorials freely offered on these pages and show everyone what you can do and have learned here and elsewhere.

The animated gif on the left, below, showcases the basic head construction technique invented by famed illustrator, Andrew Loomis, which he originally published in the first of many excellent art books he wrote, called, Fun With A Pencil, in 1939, which I offer as a free download elsewhere on my site. The technique was independently developed by Ms. E. Grace Hanks about the same time. Details of both the basic head construction as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw and paint Drawgirl, the portrait painting on the right, are freely given on this website.

And, in case you are wondering... yes, in no time at all, you, too, can be producing exquisite pastel portraits that will get people's attention just like your favorite pastel portrait paintings get your attention.

Basic Head Construction Technique Invented by Andrew Loomis and Published in 1939 Drawgirl Model Reference

By the way, scattered throughout this site are references to programs I am affiliated with for which I earn commissions. As you examine my website, I hope you will find that I have credibility, and as a result, you will feel safe in trying any product I claim has merit. These include items found in my Art Store, and the rest of the ways this site earns affiliate income.

For example, as you try to master the skill of pastel portrait painting, you may wish you had a photographic memory, for it sure would make creating pastel portraits a breeze. Well, it has been proven that photographic memory does not exist, but you can get very close to it. To find out how, just go to my affiliate link dealing with developing a Perfect Memory.

With the aid of your newly acquired Perfect Memory, you will be able to produce exquisite pastel portrait masterpieces with ease. You may even be so proud of yourself, that in your zeal to let others admire your new abilities, you rush to showcase and display your talents on YouTube. If that is the case, then you will need video editing tools like the ones offered through my affiliate link known as Movie Edit Pro.

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