How To Draw and Paint Drawgirl
Step 14

The rendering of Drawgirl continues by the explanation and illustration of the fourteenth step of its construction.

The methodical nature of this color stage work-in-progress is becoming more evident at this point - a further development of the previous one. Even the model's rounded neck is initially indicated by straight strokes. It is obvious that the artist is using "manageable" short straight lines, as opposed to long, looping, unwieldy, cumbersome curved ones, because short straight lines are easier to fashion and control. This pastellist seeks out effortless ways of drawing and painting of what many people feel to be a difficult subject... pastel portrait painting. Guess what awaits us in the next step? HINT: It is not the supposed step of filling in the empty spaces of her face with more color strokes, for those areas are partially reserved for the lights. Neither is it the presumed step of smudge blending. Puzzled? Are you ready to say, "Uncle" yet? Actually, the artist bypasses the obvious and begins to focus on what? The play-on-words keyword is "focus." What focuses? Yes -- the eyes. The pastellist starts constructing the features. How? With short manageable straight lines, of course. Let's take a look.

Your coloring process continues still in... Step 15.

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