How To Draw and Paint Drawgirl
Step 24

We continue this Drawgirl tutorial by explaining and illustrating its twenty-fourth step.

This step shows the results of what was instituted in the previous step. You notice that the smudge blending has been accomplished and the eyelashes have been temporarily eliminated. What is new is that the eye color has been depicted. But that is not the only thing that is new. In the previous step I mentioned a few "musts" or what I called "always." This step showcases another, and that is that the shadow on the top of the eyeball has been defined. Because the top eyelid overhangs the eyeball a wee bit, it casts a shadow on the eyeball itself. As a result, you indicate it in your portraits whether you actually see them or not. That is why I called these things "musts" and "always." With these "tips," (a better term than must and always), it is not a case of "painting what you see" but rather it is more like "painting what you know." The same goes for the tear duct - a tip: you must always place a spot of color there which is either pink related or taken from the light skinned flesh color family. Don't hurt your head looking for the pink tear duct in this image, for it is not there.

Your coloring process continues still in... Step 25.

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