How To Draw and Paint Drawgirl
Step 30

The portrait of Drawgirl is continued by our explaining the illustration of its thirtieth step.

The construction lines are further defined and (just as before with the other eye) the visible portion of the eyeball is painted an off-white color. This includes the iris and the pupil, too. Since some light areas on the skin are to be emphasized, more squiggly lines are established. Let me be more accurate in my terminology. Earlier, I used the correct term for "sandwich" painting by telling you it is called, "burnishing" when it comes to colored pencil painting. Since I did that, I might as well continue giving you the proper nomenclature in this instance. Specificifically, in past steps as well as in this one, I teach the principle of drawing and painting so-called "squiggly lines." Actually, the correct term for that is "scumbling" when doing colored pencil paintings. With pastels, scumbling has a completely different meaning. That is, it refers to what you do when applying the second layer - which is to ever-so-gently pass over the first layer of color with your pastel stick turned on its side. The effect is fascinating. And if you are at all familiar with forms of painting using other media, such as oil painting, then you are correct if you conclude that the term has other meanings also. However, for future reference, on these pages when I use the term "scumbling" I am using the colored pencil definition despite the fact that this is a tutorial about pastel portrait painting.

Your coloring process continues still in... Step 31.

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