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Since the information given on this website is basically freely given, then gift donations on your part would be welcomed if you are grateful for the knowledge we share for your benefit.

As discussed in the Preface of my eBook, I delight to share the hard earned knowledge acquired through the years which I hope you find useful. There, I also advise you how you too can share your knowledge of your skills and earn income by doing so - and maybe even do it for free. You do not have to resort to begging to get people to part with cash.

Unlike others, I do not feel that humbly begging for cash, with hat in hand, is inherently wrong if you desperately need the funds in a hurry. However, begging becomes suspect if one is frivolous, cavalier, or misguided enough in putting themselves in unnecessary debt in the first place. Or, if one more thing - if the sin of pride prevents one from asking for assistance from friends, relatives and other loved ones who can easily bail one out. I know that some people may feel some shame and humiliation of asking for help "just one more time, I promise not to do it again" because they feel that seeking assistance by begging is for those truly in need and who cannot think of any other decent way out.

If you are employed or under-employed, be aware that Jesus admonished, you are to be “content with your wages” Luke 3:14 and know that “all things work together for good to those who love God.” Rom. 8:28

Elsewhere on this site we offer free pastel portrait "videos" for easy download. Compare that with the other tutorials that sell for as much as $80.00 and up.

That being said, if you feel the information we share with you on this pastel portrait website has value and merit, and if you desire to make monetary gift donations of $80.00 or more, or $50.00, or even as low as $10.00, then we thank you, mightily.

However, if the idea of donating for donation’s sake gives you pause, then imagine one of these scenarios... pretend I am a political candidate in your favorite political party who champions ALL of your causes all the time. As a result, you have this irresistible urge to add your "hefty" contribution(s) to my campaign chest to aid in "our" mutual cause.

Or, how about imagining this? You love giving to worthy charities and you find that ours is your number one cause.

Now that you have logically persuaded yourself to make your voluntary gift donation to us, please do so now by clicking ...

Thank you. One more thing before I close out this "Gift Donations" page; here is a poem I style...

                      "Beggars Creed" or "Beggars Motto"
                                 "Beggars Philosophy"


                    It can buy a House - but not a Home
                    It can buy a Bed - but not Sleep
                    It can buy a Clock - but not Time
                    It can buy you a Book - but not Knowledge
                    It can buy you a Position - but not Respect
                    It can buy you Medicine - but not Health
                    It can buy you Blood - but not Life

                    So you see, money isn’t everything.
                    And, it often causes pain and suffering.

                    So, I tell you this because you are my online
                    friend. And, as your friend I want to take
                    away your pain and suffering.

                    So, send me ALL your money and I will suffer
                    for you.

                    Cash only please!

                    Forward this to all your friends to help them
                    end their pain.

Animated Smiley Face

Like I said, the poem is Beggars Creed not mine for as a spirit-begotten Child of God, a Christian, I am also aware that the Bible says (I will paraphrase here) we are not to “lay up treasures on earth, but to lay up treasures in Heaven.” Matt. 6:19, 20 And that Jesus also said a few verses later, (again paraphrasing) “Not to worry about the things of tomorrow, for the things of tomorrow will take care of itself.” Matt. 6:34

Please do send your friends to this site so that they may likewise benefit from the information freely offered.

In any event, whether or not you make any voluntary gift donations to us, nevertheless, please do enjoy our website. Thank you.

Peace be unto you and be of good cheer.

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