A Gift From Me To You

Greetings Site Visitor,

A parable about gift giving:

There is this friend, the head of a family, who, like me, a descendant of Africans who became slaves in America, knows the value of freedom... and that freedom includes the chance to obtain quality higher education for all. With that mindset, he and his family were thrilled at getting ready to send his daughter off to college after decades of waiting. Decades in that for generations their family looked forward to the one amongst them who would be the first on either side of their family to go to college. To everyone's joy the time had come and his daughter was the one and they were so proud. Fall semester was finally upon them and they were oh so very excited that a new adventure awaited her as well as for the rest of their family. Because she did so well in high school, she was a sought after commodity by plenty of colleges and universities. And together the immediate family agreed for her to attend the historically Black college she had always dreamed about attending right after she graduated.

Her mother packed her daughter's meager belongings in her modest new suitcase... a graduation gift from the patriarch. As a few of her family members accompanied her to the college campus during orientation, they headed to the registration office for her to officially enroll before she settled in at her freshman dormitory. All of them were beaming with pride and their eyes were rapidly becoming moist and misty at the thought of what her completed education four years from then would mean for her future and for the glory of her family.

As this friend's delighted daughter waited for her application papers to be stamped, her assigned upperclassman big sister/counselor told them all that there had been a snag in the paperwork... that even though his daughter had scholarships, grants, loans and more, she still had one small outstanding obligation that she needed to take care of right then and there out of her own pocket. She needed to make the final installment on her tuition and fees account which she tearfully declared to her counselor that she did not have.

Her father's life flashed before him at that instant, as well as memories of countless slaves who had given their lives so she could have this opportunity now vanishing. He knew somehow it was his fault that her academic career was now destroyed before it even had a chance to start, and all because of him. If only he had bought her that "earn-money-to-pay-for-your-own-college-education" online program she and her mother wanted for her graduation gift instead of the piece of luggage which replaced her worn and tattered one, then this would not have happened. She realized that even though her old luggage may have been second-hand, it was still functional. On the other hand, having the ability to finance her education was what was really important at the moment.

Feeling that he had inadvertently betrayed her and the rest of her family, then immediately upon their return home to her disappointment and to his disgrace and shame, he gave her what she wanted, needed and deserved. And because he did, she was able to finally start college the next semester, albeit after the fact.

With that reprieve, she barely escaped missing out on college and he vowed that this would never happen to any more people within his sphere of influence ever again. And that includes you since I am successfully using the product and you are now within my sphere.

So, passing it on, this is my gift to you. I am introducing you to the program his daughter wanted and should have had at the time of her matriculation. And this is the perfect place to do so, in that since a portion of the people who visit my website write to their friends on their own social network type site, like myspace, it occurred to me that maybe you would like to get paid for doing what you are already doing. That being the case, here is the FREE gift from me to you. It is a tutorial on writing about what you know and love and how to earn a living online while doing it. Do you get paid each time people visit your myspace website and read about what you have on those pages? Do you want to learn how to easily do something like that? To instantly download the free "how-to" eBook, merely go to...

http://www.sbi-howto.com . Everybody knows something about something. What is that something that you know? If you have no idea what you know, the automated online product, known as SBI, shows you how to easily discover them. How about this? You may have a hobby that may intrigue others just as much as you are passionate about it. If so, then there you go - just write about your hobby with your very own voice, twist and spin upon it. You or someone you know may have a mom-and-pop store, a farm, a beauty shop, you may sell cosmetics or other goods at house parties, you may babysit, mow lawns, clean houses, take care of elderly grandparents, or you may even already have a website besides the one you have at myspace. If so, and if you love doing any of those things, all you need to do is bring your BAM, brains and motivation, plus some patience, and write about what you know and love. And all you need to know on how to do that is in my free gift.

However, if you want to automate everything (except for the writing part), then you can obtain the integrated SBI tools to do so at less than the price this friend paid for his daughter's set of suitcases:

For parents or for anyone...


For students or wannabee college students or for anyone...


As an aside, even though I know it is taking you a long while to digest everything on my webpage about my gift, I also know you are still here because you realize it is well worth the read. So therefore, since you know my gift to you has value and merit, please share and forward your good news with those who you know (or even suspect) will appreciate this information. Whether you mention this to them in person or whether you write about this in e-mail messages, you do not have to say much, just say you have found what your friends have been looking for and that they should simply go to...


to learn all about it. I deliberately did not make the link clickable in order to make it easy for you to copy-and-paste it. You can do the same for your friends at myspace.com , facebook.com , blackplanet.com , or wherever, or to any others in your sphere of influence who you know will benefit from the information contained herein. In other words...

...do spread the luv.

Meanwhile, I know you will be blessed that you received this gift as I was upon my being introduced to SBI. With that I bid you, "Happy gift unwrapping."

Joy in the Lord,
A. Landis Jones

P.S. This is not "get rich quick" for it takes an average of about four months to start seeing income from your efforts in sharing your knowledge online after carefully following the directions. This friend's daughter knows this fact from experience, for it took her awhile to start earning, but she finally made it before the start of the following semester and you can make it too in due time with your dreams.

Concerning what you are receiving here, I like this line: "How long has it been since something good happened to you? Well, that's too long." It's about time something good happened to you, so expect a miracle and know that my free gift to you will indeed help make your monetary dreams come to pass. If you still have any questions about this set of online tools, called SBI, after reviewing the material given here, then go to...


and ask away. When you arrive at the question site, you will be given a choice of either talking to a human over the telephone or communicating by e-mail. When you e-mail or talk to someone, be sure to state the verification code of 4725 to take advantage of their money-back guarantee... but of course, you won't be asking for your money back after you experience the benefits. But, at least now you have the peace of mind in knowing that you risk nothing at all. Ask anything you want to your heart's content about SBI and be truly amazed. After all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction, then count your pennies and go ahead and order now before something else grabs your attention - something like: what's on TV, or you want to play your favorite computer game, or you wonder what's for dinner, or you know it's time to do homework, or you try to avoid and delay doing chores by going online to see if any of your friends sent you messages on myspace. Remember, it costs less than what this friend paid for his daughter's luggage for college...


Yes, this friend's daughter did indeed graduate from college, made a name for herself, and fulfilled her family's dreams in abundance.

And it came to pass that with her "each one, teach one" extended helping hand towards those in her sphere of influence, she introduced her siblings and others to SBI and became a harbinger of college graduates before them. And, to think, it all started when her father gave her what I am offering you now.

By now it should be quite evident to you that this how-to "Gift" you are getting from me is "A Gift That Keeps On Giving - And Earning." That is, it is not merely a one-time gift, but a life-time SKILL gift which follows in the tradition of a heart-rending prayer from a Black bard, from an old Black preacher in a sermon delivered to newly freed slaves who craved and never received (but definitely knew the value of) an education...

LAWD, we don't know what we wanna be
We don't know what we oughta be
We don't know what we gonna be

Isn't it time you let us teach you how get the money you need to pay for either your education or for the education of at least one in your sphere?

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

Unlike my slave foreparents, you do have the opportunity to dream about what you wanna be, oughta be, and gonna be, and have those dreams fulfilled. So, take advantage of your opportunity, for you know what you are "gonna" do... right now!


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