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Want to easily attract instant customers? This webpage showcases a series of FREE and low-cost ways which will enable you to easily obtain those paying customers very, very quickly. In no time at all, you will be successfully selling ANY product or service you currently have or will have. Not only that, but you will be shown how to even sell products and services only YOU have ever thought of or ever will think of --- products from your own mind as well as software products you dream up. That's what Microsoft is all about - software products.

For example, what do you know how to do or can learn to do? Whatever it is, it does not have to be fancy. Can you cook? Can you draw or paint? Can you babysit? Can you whatever? Just write about it and sell your "how-to" e-product. To see how easy it is, simply download the free e-book offered further down this webpage or go to:

Creating "How-To" Information Products

On the other hand, you or someone you know may already have a business or service, but do not have a website. If you have a business or service (especially a local one) you need a website. The days of the "yellow pages" are coming to an end. Get your business online or get your service online.

Get Your Business Online

Get Your Service Online

When that is done, you will need customers to your website. For that, go to:

Focus & Get Traffic

Welcome back. Don't have any ideas for software products? You will! Don't know how to write software programs? So what? We don't either, but, that is not stopping us from creating them, and it's not going to stop you either.

We begin by offering you a FREE e-book to download instantly.

This e-book is a ten (10) day course which teaches one how to sell ANYTHING on the Internet and make a living doing it.  That "anything" can also be services.
However, if you are using a public computer such as at a library for example, and you don't have a floppy disc handy, then you will have to get the material in another form --- that form being that the text of the one-hundred page e-book having to arrive at your e-mail address in five (5) daily installments.
If that is the case, then send a blank e-mail message to
670 Kb - Windows and MacOs
You are about to download the e-book as a zipped file  (""). Save it to your desktop.  After you have downloaded it, then unzip it.

This will unzip a folder called "Affiliate Masters Course" on your desktop (if you do not change the default location).  The folder contains two files....

1) ReadMeFirst.txt file
Please do read this file first -- it will get you to a flying start!

2) Affiliate Masters Course.pdf
This is it! The course in e-book format!

Think of what you like to do.  Do you like hairdressing?  Are you good at artwork?  Can you type term papers?  Do you actually have products to sell?  Whatever it is you wish to do, this comprehensive FREE e-book will walk you through the step-by-step process of selling it online.

Want to see some actual sites that ordinary people created after first having read the FREE e-book, above? Well, here they are ... just click this link and marvel at the dozens and dozens of websites built by regular people just like you. And, even though they used a software program to build their sites, you can build yours just be reading the "how-to" instructions the e-book provides.

Even with all of that evidence, you still may have questions. Never fear; we have that covered too. Merely ...

ask away by phone or by e-mail ...

... and yes, we even pay for the phone call.

And, if you have time to spare, just listen to an hour long interview (and Q&A session from listeners around the globe) with the President of the company, recorded "live" on November 7, 2003 which was radio broadcast 'round the world over the Internet:

World Wide Radio Interview

With all this value, what does it cost? You'd be surprised!

Afforadable System

Now, look at what the competition has to offer. Very nice, but what about the rest? There is no "all-in-one" complete package that covers practically everything you need to start and run ANY business online. Besides, you also get a FREE "how-to" e-book to walk you through the process with ease.

Instant Customers - Competitor

No, we are not through yet.  We are offering a sweepstakes to win that software - just because you are you.

Sweepstakes Just For You

This is a companion sweepstakes related to the FREE e-book.


As another bonus, how about creating software products for all of those projects stored in your mind? You know the ones, the ones you always say to yourself, "I wish someone would invent something that would ..." Well, instead of waiting on others to do it, just do it yourself --- even if you know nothing about computers and even if you cannot program a VCR, let alone create a complicated program. So what? We'll show you how to EASILY and quickly master it, anyhow.

How YOU can create and sell your very own software products

Click here to get paid to read your e-mail

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