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...indirectly, that is. Let me explain how being a pastel portrait secrets affiliate applies. You have at least one passion, don't you? That is why you are here, right? So, I know you are passionate about portrait painting.

Like most people, you may also have eclectic tastes. You may like religion or science or magic or politics or poetry or gardening or you may want to start your own business working at home, or want to get customers for your MLM, network marketing business like Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware.

Do you create hard goods for sale, like sewing or knitting or baked goods or selling on eBay? Are you, or do you want to become a Work-At-Home Mom or Dad? Do you know anybody who fits any of these categories -- friends, relatives, church members? Do you have online friends from,, or other web based social gathering? Of course you do. Then lead them to this newsflash webpage and they will forever have warm-and-fuzzy feelings towards you.

Or, maybe you already have a career you enjoy, like teaching or working at a library, or you know how to do day-to-day activities like house cleaning, babysiting or caring for the elderly. You may even be a high school or college student with knowledge to release. Or maybe you have a hobby or several hobbies.

If you cannot figure out what you are passionate about, don't worry, you will when you become a pastel portrait secrets affiliate. Hint: If you are stuck about ideas, find your own twist to everyday tasks. For example -- the student angle, just mentioned. A probable pastel portrait secrets affiliate twist is profiling how you, perhaps an older individual, are experiencing the joys, or even tribulations, of starting school at a late age, or are a returning student.

In other words, everybody knows something about something. Now class, read my lips and repeat after me... One, Two, Three -- "Everybody knows something about something," "Everybody knows something about something," "Everybody knows something about something."

Besides portrait painting I, too, am interested in other right-brained things besides art -- writing, for instance; I am interested in left-brained things -- math & science; and I am most certainly interested in one whole-brained, whole person thing -- being a spirit-begotten child of God . If you are likewise interested in other areas and would like to let the world freely know how you successfully go about it, just create a website THE RIGHT WAY; go online and freely pour out your knowledge like I am doing with this site you are viewing.

And, yes, even though I am supplying my knowledge on the subject without charging, do you realize I am earning income while doing it? Shocking, but true. One of my goals for creating this website is to eventually earn enough with it to quit my day job. That is why I just wrote the phrase, "THE RIGHT WAY." Are you puzzled as to how I am managing to do that without having my site visitors pay for my knowledge (outside of my asking for voluntary donations)? Well wonder no more. Merely go to this Pastel Portrait Secrets Affiliate link and discover precisely what I am talking about.

When totally satisfied that what I am saying is viable for anyone and can indeed be applied to your situation, then all that is left for you to do is to sign up and you will indirectly become a profitable Pastel Portrait Secrets affiliate.

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