In this pastel portrait introduction, we are letting you know that with the information freely given in this eBook you can learn how to execute unlimited numbers of pastel portrait projects. The projects can range from being extremely easy [in that they can be typically completed in about fifteen (15) minutes or so] to being slightly more challenging [in that they can take up to thirty (30) minutes to perform] all the way up in difficulty level [in that the completion time increases to around two (2) hours to days, or even a week or more] to finish. In each case, the subject matter (or model, if you will) is any human depiction you choose, whether self-portraits or any other model physically there with you, or whether from photographs, or whether from your imagination or from any random “chicken scratch” you display on your pastel surface which you deem depicts a person.

The practice of painting self-portraits is good in that the model never gets tired of posing for you. They are also fun projects in that you probably do not get tired of admiring yourself in the mirror.

To develop your skills, it is advisable to focus your attention in each pastel portrait project to include as few variables as possible in order for you not to be overwhelmed. In this pastel portrait introduction I am giving you some suggestions as to what I mean by “variables.” They include whether the subject or models are men or women, young or old, Black or White, blondes, brunettes, redheads, and, any other variables you find fascinating.

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