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How would you like to be a guest author in these pages? We are allowing you this privilege in exchange for our giving you free advertising for your website. This can be a one-shot submission, or you can write articles on a regular on-going basis.

If you do not have a website and wish to submit an article anyway, then you agree that your only compensation is experiencing the joy of knowing you are helping others.

As our guest author, you can write articles even if you feel you lack the writing skills to do so, for we will edit whatever you submit to us anyway. Basically, we will just be editing for spelling, grammar, affiliate link conflicts and for proper search engine keyword usage. Even so, you will retain the copyright and ownership of your articles.

To clarify the meaning of "affiliate link conflicts," we are saying that if by chance you submit an article which has affiliate links to programs we are also affiliates of, then we will substitute ours in the place of yours.

Your articles can, for example, be about your own attempts at pastel portrait painting, or they can be about your knowledge on the subject, or they can be on your research on the topic from art books and art magazines in your personal art library or from the Internet. Just use your brain and make sure the articles are original.

The articles should range between 200 - 800 words in length and related to pastel portrait painting step-by-step "how-to's," problem solving, hints, tips, portrait art supplies, product reviews, marketing methods, art galleries to exhibit paintings and any other related matter that will help our readers become better artists. You can even submit your own homemade "how-to" step-by-step videos to us.

Instead of sending us attachments of your pictures and videos, just do the following:

For pictures, just submit them to a free photo hosting service such as Image Cave , Tiny Pic or PhotoBucket and send the link, along with your article, below, instead of sending attachments. Do NOT try to paste images into the text box.

And for videos, just submit them to a free video hosting service such as YouTube , Google Video Upload Program , ClipShack , JussPress , FreeVideoBlog , OurMedia or Putfile and send the link, along with your article, below, instead of sending attachments. Likewise, as with the pictures, Do NOT try to paste videos into the text box.

For each article that we accept for our site, we will put a permanent link to your website on the same page your article appears. Not only will this assist in increasing your site traffic, it will also give a lift to your site's search engine rankings.

Please do not submit articles that are just sales pitches for products or businesses, or that contain inappropriate and offensive content such as adult material, racial hatred, spam and so on.

Be aware that if you receive any type of error message, whatsoever, after you click the "Submit Your Article" button, below, then your article is too long and must be shortened before you re-submit it.

We thank you, mightily, for submitting your original articles and original homemade videos to our Pastel Portrait Secrets website.

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