How To Draw and Paint Drawgirl
Step 36

This thirty-sixth step of the Drawgirl tutorial marks the half-way point of our instruction concerning its construction.

Now, it is beginning to get interesting, again. We have worked on the eyes, then we completed the nose and now we will finally start on the mouth. The only feature we have ignored, so far, is that of the ears. The boundaries for the muzzle are re-defined and the outline of the mouth is drawn and colored. One of my favorite Rembrandt soft pastel colors in the red family is carmine. And, it cannot be more fitting than right here, because like I said in my eBook, I call carmine a "lipstick color." A second slice of bread, her flesh color, is applied over the light oxide red mayo layer. As I said, elsewhere, her flesh color is a mixture of brown & pink. However, for now you can get away with various shades of either burnt sienna or gold ochre -- art not science, boys & girls. What you pick to be her flesh color is a judgement call; select whatever looks like what you want. Art is a case of "close enough is good enough." The color is not the definitive thing you are after, rather it is the correct value you are seeking. You can get away with selecting the wrong color, but you cannot get away with choosing the wrong value or shade.

Your coloring process continues still in... Step 37.

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