How To Draw and Paint Drawgirl
Step 23

We continue this Drawgirl tutorial by explaining and illustrating its twenty-third step.

A couple of things are going on in this step. We will get to the obvious in a moment, but, getting back to the eye outline & eyelashes, there are certain tricks a portrait artist should always perform when constructing them. One trick is to only outline the top eyelid. If any portion of the bottom eyelid is outlined, it should be a small piece extending from the opposite corner of where the tear duct is located - in other words... stroke from the corner of the eye the farthest away from the nose. Since the tear duct is right by the nose, that means I am referring to the other end. Another always is how the eyelashes are depicted, if at all. That is, on the lower eyelid, stroke only a few longer lashes there and space them out by leaving gaps, then put a few shorter ones in between the longer ones by alternating the longer and the shorter. Make sure you stroke your eyelashes at varying angles. And have the bulk of the lower lashes attached to the same little piece outlined on the opposite side to where the tear duct is located. Now, we will discuss the obvious, hinted at the top of this paragraph. And that is the brown-like strokes in the eye shadow area. These are more squiggle lines which will be smude blended, later. Remember, earlier, I mentioned you will be painting squiggly marks, here and there, throughout the coloring process of this pastel portrait. Each time, they will be in preparation for the smudge blending of either the lights, the middle tones or the darks. You are right if you are thinking artists do not say squiggly lines or squiggly marks - for the technical term for it is scumbling.

Your coloring process continues still in... Step 24.

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