How To Draw and Paint Drawgirl
Step 3

We continue this tutorial of Drawgirl by explaining and illustrating the third step this pastel portrait.

As stated in the previous step, it really gets interesting here. The back of the head is finally established and the planes of the face are delineated. The whole shape of the head is adjusted and the center line of the mouth changed, too. The major interesting thing to observe is the flattened "X" mark centered between the eyes. Look around you at people and even look in the mirror and you will be amazed to see similar x-shapes formed by the top of of the eyebrow of one eye criss-crossing with the top of the upper eyelid of the other eye. On the other hand, if you open up and unflatten the X a bit, the eyebrows appear to criss-cross with the bottoms of the eyes, as is drawn in this step. You have your choice when drawing... either draw the X by flattening it greatly to indicate the eyebrows/upper eyelids combination, or open it up a bit to establish the eyebrows/bottom of eyes relationship. Focus your attention or squint your eyes at this model and you can imagine both possibilities.

The front plane of the face is separated from the side plane by the vertical line from the hair line down to the back of the eye, skipping the cheek and lightly continuing past the corner of her mouth. The flattened eyebrow/bottom of eye "X" has the eye cavity enclosed with the sideways "V" shape (the ">" shape) on the side plane of the head. Finally, notice the cheek bone is indicated by a linear mark in front of the ear and the shapes of her lips and nose is fashioned.

After all of that hard work, now you are going to destroy it with a tonal drawing beginning in... Step 4.

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