How To Draw and Paint Drawgirl
Step 54

This tutorial of Drawgirl is continued by explaining and illustrating its fifty-fourth step.

And all this time we thought this was a soft pastel portrait of a young maiden. Now, we see that she is really an old woman. Oops! Maybe she isn't old after all for by now you noticed that she is not really sporting gray hair. What the pastellist has done, was to lay down the first of many "hair" steps in creating this thick Dagwood sandwich burnishing meal that I forewarned you was coming. However, the portrait artist does not start with a slice of bread (her flesh color), rather s/he begins with the mayonnaise. But why did the pastel artist start with such a lifeless color? Simple. The model has blonde hair, and blonde is a light color. So, to make sure the final result remains a light enough blonde color for her hair, this burnishing, this superimposing, this glazing step begins with her appearing to have gray hair. By the way, notice that the gray hair was applied using straight strokes and in one direction. Notice also that the bone areas -- in her neck and on her shoulder -- which protrude, or which can be seen just underneath her skin surface, are hinted at with reference strokes. These will be clarified and emphasized later. And yes, the artist gives the model some clothes for she is a lady, not a tramp, for goodness sakes.

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